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My Qualifications and Experience in Psychotherapy and Counselling

I have an honours degree in philosophy from the University of Sheffield, I trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the Guild of Psychotherapists, and as an analytical group psychotherapist at Goldsmiths, University of London (post-graduate diploma). Both trainings are accredited by the UKCP and I am dual registered with the UKCP. I am a registered member of the Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association, the Neuropsychoanalysis Association, and the College of Psychoanalysts.

Both my trainings required me to undergo psychotherapy myself. Twice a week psychotherapy for a minimum of 18 months, before being eligible to train, is required by the Guild of Psychotherapists, followed by twice a week psychotherapy, during the entirety of the four year training course. My group training required me to be in once a week group psychotherapy, throughout the three year training. This experience of extensive psychotherapy is the hallmark of the best trainings. It means that practitioners can work through potential issues of their own so that they are then able to work with their clients, from a position of emotional and psychological wellbeing.

I have over 25 years post qualifying experience. I have been a training therapist for trainee psychotherapists, and I have supervised the work of counsellors, psychotherapists, and drama therapists ( I am a UKCP registered supervisor). I am an experienced workshop leader and lecturer and I have been an external examiner for a University of London counselling course.

My experience includes:

University Hospital, Lewisham
NHS Staff Counselling Service

Vesta Road GP Surgery
NHS Practice Counsellor

National Newpin
Psychotherapy programme for vulnerable parents.

Primary Care Psychotherapy Group
NHS Group taking referrals from GPs in Lewisham, Lambeth, and Southwark

Mental Health Advice Centre
NHS Multidisciplinary psychiatric team reflective practice group

Grove Park Hospital
NHS Occupational Therapists’ staff support group

Richmond Fellowship
Staff dynamics for this therapeutic residential home for people with eating disorders

The Women’s Therapy Centre in London
Four general analytic groups, as well as time limited groups for women with eating disorders and survivors of child sexual abuse

Two reflective practice groups for staff working with domestic violence

The Wimbledon Guild
A general analytic group for young adults aged 18-30. (I have also been a clinical supervisor for counsellors at the Wimbledon Guild.)

Continuous Professional Development is a requirement of my accrediting organisations and their professional and ethical codes of practice. This includes the giving of lectures/courses and the attendance of lectures/courses.



Neuropsychoanalsis Open School - one year course, with Mark Solms, Editor of the newly revised edition ( published June 24 ) of the Complete Psychological  Works of Freud, and founder of Neuropsychoanalysis Association, reevaluating Freud's classical concepts in the light of modern neuroscience. NPSA.

Words Matter: The Impact of Childhood Verbal Abuse. WHO and UCL.

Decolonising Psychotherapy: The enemy within the white mind - psychological assessments. Guild of Psychotherapists.

The Death Drive: Contemporary Clinical Approaches. Guild of Psychotherapists' Winter Conference.


Epistemic Injustices: Effects of prejudice and marginalisation. The Guild of Psychotherapists 

The Guild of Psychotherapists' Annual Lecture. Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Mysogyny: From Dora to Decreation. Michaela Chamberlain 

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Forgiveness: Unforgiven and Unforgiving. Ron Britain, and David Tuckett. Melanie Klein Trust.

Decolonising Psychotherapy: The psychological effects of racism. Guild of Psychotherapists.

Why play matters in depression, addiction, and sleep disorders. Daniela Flores Mossi.   Neuropsychoalysis Association and Psychoanalysis Institute of Northern California.

Mothers in Mind: The Dynamics of Child Maltreatment
BB Zeitlyn Trust


Psychoanalysis at the Margins. Guild of Psychotherapists.

Infant Brain Development: The Impact of Early Toxic Stress on Brain Architecture and Long Term Development. International Neuropsychoanalysis Society.


Still Face and Mirror Neurons: The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy - ISC International, three day conference.

The Return of the Scapegoat: COVID Syndemic in the Unconscious Life of Groups - Video of Earl Hopper, at the Italian Group Analysis Association Conference

Siblings, Special Interest Group, Group Analytic Society International, monthly.

Social Dreaming, Special Interest Group, Group Analytic Society International, monthly.


Psychoanalysis in Adverse Conditions - College of Psychoanalysts.

Childhood and Parenting - Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Jung - Lacan Dialogues: Time in Analysis - British Psychotherapy Foundation.

The Emotion Foundations of Personality and its’ Disorders - Dr Ken Davis. Neuropsychoanalysis Association.

Civilisation and the Discontented - Christopher Bollas Webinar.

The Online Medium; Technology in the Therapeutic Frame; Reflections from Online Practice: How to make the transition to working online and how to develop good practice - Tavistock Relations

The Future of Neuroscience, Attachment, and Mentalizing: from research to clinical practice - UCL

Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis - Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Race and Culture - Guild of Psychotherapists
Enid Balint Lecture - Tavistock Centre for Couples
Institutional Abuse - University of East London, ICAP, IGA
Understanding Couples - Tavistock Centre for Couples

Group Lives - Tales of Attachment - Institute of Group Analysis
Perspectives on Working with Psychosis - Guild of Psychotherapists
Mentalisation-based Treatment - Maudsley and South London Foundation Trust


2016 Psychotherapy as a Transitional Space; the Psychological Impact of Changing Country, Culture, and Language - Guild of Psychotherapists Summer Conference, University of Cambridge.
2015 What's in a Word- Language and the Human Psyche Workshop
CB Counsellor Training, Surrey
2014 Listening to Silence; Speaking without Words - Guild of Psychotherapists Summer Conference, University of Cambridge.
"Telling it as it is" Workshop (for people working with those who were sexually abused as children):
2014 at CB Counsellor Training, Surrey and 2013 at Sutton Counselling
2013 Sutton Counselling AGM: Guest Speaker - Organisational Dynamics

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